Frequently Asked Questions


Will my EPEX username and password work on the Viparis Store?

Viparis Store is the new online site for ordering Viparis services.

Your EPEX login will not work on the Viparis Store.

Please create a new customer account.

What are my login details?

If you have never ordered services from the Viparis Store (launched in May 2019), you must create a customer account.

Your username is the email address you provide when you create your account.

If you have forgotten your password, click on "Forgot your password?". You will immediately be sent a link that allows you to reset your password.

Are my login details saved?

To log in, you use your individual email and password, linked to your company.

These identifiers are valid from one year to the next, regardless of the event in which you are taking part (provided it takes place at a Viparis venue).

I do not receive emails sent by Viparis Store

An email is always sent to you to confirm the creation of your account.

If you have not received it, it may be necessary to allow the domain name "@" in your email program.

For Outlook 2010, on the Home tab, on the Delete tab, click Junk Mail, and then click Junk Mail Options. Then select the Approved Senders tab, and then click Add. Type @ into the dialog box and click OK. Then click OK again to close the dialog box and return to your e-mail.

For Outlook 2007, on the Tools menu, click Options to open the dialog box. On the Preferences tab, in Mail, click Junk Mail to open the Junk Mail Options dialog box. Click the Approved Senders tab, and then click add. Type @ into the dialog box and click OK. Then click OK again to close the dialog box and return to your e-mail.

For Gmail, sign in to your account, click on 'Contacts' at the top left of any Gmail page, click on' add to my contacts', enter in the field that 's displays and then click 'Add'.

For Lotus Notes, under the 'Actions' menu, go to 'Tools' then 'Rules'. Click on 'New Rule'. In 'Specify conditions', select the elements to check (for example, sender or object), a state (for example, contains or is). Enter the criteria to look for (in this case: @ then click 'Add'. In 'Specify actions', select the action 'Move to folder' and specify the action detail by selecting 'Inbox'. Click 'Add Action', then 'OK'.

If, despite these procedures, you still do not receive our emails, contact your IT department to add to the list of trusted senders for your business.


When can I order my services?

You can place an order as soon as the catalogue for your event is available on our Viparis Store website. No orders can be placed by telephone or in paper format.

What is a shopping list? Is it the same thing as an order?

Your shopping list is not an order. It is a "work in progress," which you are free to change over time. It is connected to a specific event and has a name chosen by you.

As soon as your choice of services and/or budget has been finalised, the next step is to convert your shopping list into an order. This is done by clicking on "Order" while logged into your customer account.

Keep an eye on deadlines when placing your order.

When is my order registered by the sales team?

Below are the steps for ordering :

- Select the products and services you need, indicating quantities for each item, and click on "Add to cart".

- Place your order by clicking on "Order"
(Please note: "add to shopping list" is not the same thing as ordering)

- Save your stand information

- Upload your floor plan, or create an online plan using our 3D planning tool
(Please note: remember to save your floor plan)

- Select (or create) your invoice address.
(NOTE: you can provide a purchase order number at this point)

- Select your payment method

You will receive a confirmation email that your order has been received. It will be saved in your customer account under the heading "Orders and Invoices".

What if I have not received an email confirming my order?

Please check to be sure that the message is not in your junk (or spam) folder.

If it is not, and you have not received a confirmation email within 72 hours, please contact Exhibitor Services at +33 (0)1 40 68 16 16.

A floor plan is requested when placing my order. What elements should be included in it?

The floor plan is a drawing of your stand that includes its dimensions and location. On the plan you need to indicate where you would like the services you are ordering to be placed, using crosses and specific captions:

- Your stand's precise location, specifying aisles and adjacent stands ;
- The exact location for each service you are ordering ;
- Your company’s name ;
- Your stand number ;
- if you are ordering suspended elements, please indicate the height and total weight.

In addition, please legibly note the date your plan was created, along with your telephone number and e-mail so that our teams can follow up with you.

NOTE: If you do not provide a floor plan, we will not be able to install your services at your stand, or they will be installed according to standard Viparis procedures. Please note that you will be invoiced for any request to reposition equipment that has already been installed.

What does a crossed price mean?

When you order a service and  two rates are displayed, one of which is crossed out, this means that you have exceeded the deadline for ordering and that the rate of your item is increased by 20%.


How can I pay for my order?

You can pay by check, bank transfer or credit card.

PLEASE NOTE: Cash payments are no longer accepted.

Which services are subject to VAT at Viparis?

Services directly associated with the building (space hire, utilities and water, electricity, air and cleaning, and security services) are subject to French VAT. On the other hand, those services that are linked to the organization of trade shows (decoration, stand layout, etc.) are no longer subject to French VAT.

Feel free to contact Exhibitor Services at +33 (0)1 40 68 16 16 to receive a copy of our VAT rules in PDF format.

When will I receive my invoice?

Your invoice is sent by post 48 hours after technical approval of your order. You will also receive an electronic copy in your Viparis Store customer account within the same time-frame.


How do I sign up for Logipass?

To access delivery areas at our venues, you must be registered on Logipass (

You can sign up either from your Viparis Store customer account, or by creating an account directly on the Logipass site.

Once you have an account, you must make an access request by clicking on "Create a request", then "Create a delivery access request". For more information, please consult the Logipass user manual, available online on this site.

What are the delivery times during trade shows?

For delivery times and conditions for your event, please refer to the technical guide or contact your Organiser. 

Are there access facilities for people with reduced mobility?

Every Viparis site has parking places for people with reduced mobility. For more information, please contact Exhibitor Services at + 33 (0)1 40 68 16 16.


Can I play music at my stand?

Yes, if the organiser approves. You must also, however, obtain permission from the SACEM (the Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music). Click on the following link to make an online declaration:

Can I use the caterer of my choice?

If you want your caterer to provide services at our Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris Le Bourget and Espace Champerret venues, your caterer must contact Myriam Mottin at Viparis's Concessions Department at +33 (0)1 40 68 14 46, or by e-mail at The Concessions Department will provide your caterer with everything he or she needs to know in order to provide catering services, and will issue the necessary authorisations.

For the Palais des Congrès de Paris, Salles du Carrousel, Espace Grande Arche and Palais des Congrès d'Issy venues, you must choose from our list of accredited caterers.