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Better Events Viparis 2030

Sustainable Development


“Viparis is fully committed to environmentally-friendly, inclusive events – and above all ones that create value for all our clients, partners and local stakeholders.

Starting in 2014 with our initial ISO 20121 certification to our support for the Net Zero Carbon Events initiative, our robust CSR goals are fully in line with our core beliefs – as expressed in our sustainable development strategy Better Events 2030.”

Audrey Montécatine, Human Resources and CSR Director


“Better Events 2030 has three goals: to reduce our ecological footprint (Better for the Environment), to ensure that each event leaves a positive legacy by offering an increasing number of sustainable services as we join forces with like-minded partners (Better Heritage) and by cultivating and valuing our staff, who enable us to achieve each of our objectives (Better@Heart).

This is a group effort on the part of every “Viparisian” and our team of sustainable development “ambassadors” – all of whom fuel our commitment, inspiration and awareness.”

Pierre Darrason, Sustainable Development Manager



Creating better events means : 

  • providing exceptional and innovating venues for events both today and tomorrow, and,
  • promoting value creation with our ecosystems, clients and partners.

Our sustainable development strategy has evolved since its 2018 version : it is now based on three pillars referring to the pillars of sustainability: Better for the Environment, Better Heritage, and Better @ Heart.

As a major operator of event sites, we are responsible for and protect tangible and intangible heritage. Every day, while one event is being installed, another is being dismantled. We want to do more than just offering venues: fire visitors’ imagination, provide irreproachable service, engage our partners, protect biodiversity and rally our teams.

To deploy our sustainable development strategy at site level, we set up a community of CSR ambassadors in 2016. They hold various positions throughout the company and have been chosen for their motivation to communicate on our commitments in terms of sustainable development. Their commitment and energy ensure that our strategy is fully implemented

Our commitment to our clients:

Venues and services for responsible, shared value-creating events.




Operations to raise awareness in our stakeholders

  • Off-site logistics

Streamlined customer deliveries to Viparis sites, grouped shipments and clean transport between the Gennevilliers off-site storage facility and our venues (currently implemented at the Palais des Congrès de Paris).

  • A reduced carbon footprint as part of France’s National Low-Carbon Strategy

100% green electricity at 9 of our 11 sites

Automated controls to eliminate unnecessary consumption and investment in energy retrofits

  • Better recycling and less food waste

Gradual rollout of waste sorting at all of our sites, which can be offered as a service to our clients. An outstanding example of this is the sorting centre at the Palais des Congrès de Paris, which enabled us in 2019 to recycle nearly 44% of waste generated.

  • Responsible procurement

Assessment of our suppliers’ CSR commitments

Agreements with our approved caterers that include mandatory continuous improvement concerning organic food offerings, supply chain length and efforts to use compostable containers

  • Biodiversity

Management of 300,000 m2 of green spaces, greener venues and roofs and introduction of a biodiversity charter (elimination of pesticide use). 

Installation of nearly two dozen beehives and nesting boxes at certain sites, and an eco-grazing project that uses sheep to keep the grounds at Paris Nord Villepinte trimmed

  • Partenerships

Long-term partnerships with Emmaüs, la Cravate Solidaire, To Good To Go, Défi d’Orphée, etc.

  • Commitments 

Viparis is a signatory of the Paris Climate Agreement, the Diversity Charter and supports the Net Zero Carbon Events.