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10 tips from our experts

Getting ready for an event means keeping track of a great many details – setup and dismantling, deliveries, decorative elements, parking spaces, and more. Viparis's Exhibitor Services is there to help you every step of the way.  Our experts are standing by, ready to provide customised support before, during and after your event. This is part of our pledge to provide you with the best service per square meter.



  • Prior to the event, Viparis's telephone hotline and project managers are there to provide comprehensive advice and support
  • Regardless of the venue where your event will take place, our teams will help you find the solution that best meets your needs
  • Exhibitor Services is available to discuss the services you need, to manage complex projects and to provide you with quotes
  • You can also send questions by email at any time to
  • Our customer support staff will be on site during the event. They provide valuable assistance and can respond to last-minute requests.
  • To help you prepare and familiarise yourself with the various teams in charge of your event, here are ten key pieces of advice from our experts.





1. Setting up an event takes place in several stages: first the assembly of space only stands followed by the assembly of shell scheme stands, and finally the arrival of the exhibitors. Your time-slot is an critical moment for:

  • Taking possession of the premises
  • Receiving deliveries
  • Fitting out your stand
  • Testing the technical services you have ordered
  • Please note that the installation of certain equipment is generally dependent on your presence as an exhibitor.

2. During the setup period, Viparis's Exhibitor Services will continue to assist you with:

  • Placing last-minute orders, where feasible
  • Getting your parking places
  • Requesting additional information
  • Settling your unpaid invoices


3. Viparis's accredited service providers are present during the setup period. Their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the site makes most installations easier, such as suspended structures. Their on-site presence is also a real plus when it comes to managing your electrical hookups, internet connections and any other services that you have entrusted to Viparis.


4. As a precaution, we recommend that you visit the venue before your event begins. This way, you can learn the locations of cloakrooms, washrooms, conference rooms and food service areas, and thus find your way around quickly during the event.

5. Your upstream efforts will pay off: on the opening day, you can fully devote yourself to your customers and prospects, and give them a trouble-free welcome.



6. Remember to keep a list of your critical contacts handy (organiser, Exhibitor Services and other event partners).

7. During the event, know where you can find the organiser (also known as the event's "organiser's office"). He or she is a key player for everything you need to accomplish.


8. Having the contact details of Viparis's Exhibitor Services is important, as they monitor the services you have ordered from Viparis Store. They are your point of contact for last-minute requests.

9. Exhibitor Services and Viparis's technical teams are present at the event site. They are responsible for providing after-sales service for the technical services you have ordered. For changes in electrical power or internet bandwidth, or if any technical problems arise, don't hesitate to let them know what you need. They will provide speedy solutions.

10. Viparis's various departments are just a telephone call away, every day during the hours your event is taking place. This ensures that any issues can be dealt with quickly and effectively.




  • Something to consider: If you are the only exhibitor at your stand, it will be more difficult to step away if there is no one to take your place.
  • If you would like materials delivered to the venue (such as boxes of documentation), please remember that our staff are not authorised to receive them. We recommend that you plan to take delivery of them during the exhibitor arrival period, when you yourself will be present at your stand.
  • Are you having problems with a service ordered from Viparis Store? Please inform us immediately, so that our technical teams can intervene as quickly as possible. If you have a complaint at the end of the event, you can submit it by email to Exhibitors Services or through your customer account.
  • The dismantling period starts at the end of the event, according to a timetable established by the organiser. Prior to this, it is forbidden to dismantle your stand, for safety reasons and for the sake of your fellow exhibitors and visitors.